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Road Rage

Road rage is when you lose your temper while driving. Almost everyone has experienced some form of road rage while driving. 

While most people can bounce back from their anger quickly, it can prove deadly in some situations.

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Monsoon: A Primer
  • Monsoon is a kind of seasonal change, causing wind to change direction and creating wet and dry seasons in the tropical parts of the world.
  • The monsoons always move towards warmer regions, determining the climate of southeast Asia and most of India.
  • Summer monsoon is a time of heavy rainfall in the months of June, July, August and September, when warm air blows from the southwest Indian Ocean towards India.
  • Researchers have recently reported that water is one of the least understood materials on this planet.
  • Water, according to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, equals effortless strength as well as grace and suppleness.
  • When water is heated enough and becomes invisible in the vapour form, it has enough pressure to break any object.

Water appears fine-tuned towards all kinds of climate, ecosystems, animals and plants, having numerous properties and features yet not fully understood.

Negative thought patterns

The function of the brain is not to keep us happy. The function is to protect us from possible threats.

Our brains create "what if" scenarios of what could go wrong. Achievers are familiar with the brain's stories it tells itself that may increase anxiety. Identifying these patterns is a vital step in reducing anxiety and reclaiming inner peace.

Use assertive communication

Assertive communication allows us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions without judging or blaming other people.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to communicate their opinions and needs in a direct way while still respecting others.

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