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How to Deal with Road Rage

How to Deal with Road Rage


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How to Deal with Road Rage

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Road Rage

Road rage is when you lose your temper while driving. Almost everyone has experienced some form of road rage while driving. 

While most people can bounce back from their anger quickly, it can prove deadly in some situations.


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  • Have a good night’s sleep. Your mind needs to be at its best whenever you are on the road. When we don’t sleep well, we’ll likely experience more impatience.
  • If you’re already familiar with the traffic situation in your area, avoid leaving your home during rush hour. 
  • Listen to softer music. Studies show that the more intense the music you’re listening to, your heartbeat will beat stronger. 
  • Take a deep breath to calm road rage.
  • Sometimes it makes perfect sense to stop when you feel the onset of road rage coming on.
  • Pretend you have a loved one in your car. We’re more vulnerable to road rage when driving alone. 
  • Think about the possible consequences if you lose control.
  • Realize that people can sometimes be difficult. Try to be the bigger person when someone is experiencing road rage.


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