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7 Cutting-Edge Strategies To Optimize Employee Brain Capital

7 Cutting-Edge Strategies To Optimize Employee Brain Capital

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A Healthy Work Brain

A Healthy Work Brain

In order to face the rapidly changing world of work, experts say the most important solution to the mental health crisis, The Great Resignation and hiring crisis is a strategic investment in human capital.

According to International Monetary Fund managing director Kristalina Georgieva, PhD, the time is now to invest in human capital. And based on all of the neuroscience, the best capital is building a better and healthy work brain.


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The Human Brain

Your brain works 24/7. Even when you’re asleep, it never is. It’s listening, sensing and dealing with stressors to keep you safe and sound. It’s resolving solutions, making job decisions and thinking about career possibilities even when you’re not aware of it.

This “always on” organ is so devoted, it never takes a break or a vacation. But neuroscientists also say it has its limits. There are steps you can take to optimize your brain’s potential as well as coworkers you supervise or work with.


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Work Has Changed Over The Years

Companies that pigeonhole workers into narrow, tight roles force them to draw on their weaknesses and spend energy staying within strict confines that limit their brain capital and company growth.

Employees are demanding more from their employers. Research shows that when organizations invest in a strategy to build employee brain capital, they enhance worker engagement, productivity and their own bottom line.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Music

A study at the University of Toronto revealed that repeated listening to personally meaningful music cultivates beneficial brain plasticity improving memory and performance.

This research suggests that allowing employees to wear ear pods and listen to their favorite music while working can enhance brain capital.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Short Breaks

Your brain needs rest just like your body does. Scientists have discovered that taking short breaks helps your brain learn new skills.

Microbreaks of five or 10 minutes give the brain a much-needed rest during work hours and helps you recharge and reset. It’s important that workers are allowed to take time to stretch, eat a snack or simply walk around the office to amp up engagement and productivity.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Being In Nature

Science backed studies show that when you spend time in nature it’s good for your brain and well-being. Brain scans of people who spent time outdoors showed they had more gray matter in their prefrontal cortex with positive effects on their ability to think clearly and self-regulate.

This research underscores the importance of employees taking frequent nature breaks whether sitting outdoors or taking brief walks during the workday to give their brains a chance to recharge and reset.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Creativity

The platform of a 21st century thriving company is one that encourages thinking outside the box, innovative ideas and employee individualism.

Studies suggest organizations that foster diversity, nonconformity and inventive ideas generate employee engagement and draw on employee strengths, adding to the prosperity of their businesses.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Not Being Fear-Managed

Fear and uncertainty have been undermining performance and well-being in the workplace for as long as we have had workplaces. Under fear, the human brain focuses on how to avoid the threat instead of engaging with and producing work tasks—blocking success outcomes.

Fear-based leadership is responsible for almost all of the dysfunction that most organizations experience. While fear can drive short-term results, it does so at the cost of high employee burnout and turnover.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Meditation

A body of research has shown that various forms of meditation reduce stress. Mindfulness, in particular, keeps your mind from wandering and keeps your focus on work tasks.

Plus, if you meditate, even just for 20 minutes, it alters brain activity so you’re less error prone and make fewer mistakes.


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Enhancing Brain Capital: Social Support

Researchers found that having someone around whom you know you can talk to and will listen is tied to brain health and cognitive resilience.

Social support in the workplace is critical to build brain resilience. Whether its an empathetic manager, supportive coworker or someone in HR. A caring, empathetic workplace is a must to optimize brain capital.


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Optimizing The Brain

Taken together these science-backed findings indicate that companies can reduce work stress and optimize employee brain capital by offering on-site meditation classes or providing quiet spaces for employees to meditate throughout the day.

Creating a psychologically safe and compassionate work environment where fear is absent and employees have someone to talk to who will listen, where employees have the freedom to take breaks when they need to, think outside the box, take nature walks and listen to music while they work—all add to a jump in productivity and the company’s bottom line.


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