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Why we fail to apologize

Even the most conscientious among us occasionally fails to apologize. When this happens, it’s usually for one of two reasons: 

  • We don’t care enough about the other person or the relationship to take on the emotional discomfort of owning our mistake and apologizing for it
  • We believe our apology won’t matter.
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Research is open-ended

There's always something more to read that can potentially give you more insight. There is seldom a point that will tell you you're done.

Because research is open-ended, it can be hard to keep up It is helpful to decide upfront how much time you want to commit to research. Also, ensure making the end goal something about the information, such as writing an essay or report.

Learning how to learn is a meta-skill. It is a critical skill for everyone who needs to pick up and master new concepts frequently.

Understanding what is learning and how our memory works will help you understand why certain techniques work and how to use and adapt the techniques to your advantage.

The way you frame your decision at the outset can make all the difference. 

State your decision problems carefully, acknowledge their complexity and avoid unwarranted assumptions and option-limiting prejudices.

Legal standards would often ask what the 'reasonable person' would do. But we should consider who this person is.

The reasonable person is not the average person as average people can do unreasonable things; neither is it the ideal person. Instead, the reasonable person represents someone common as well as good.

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