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Users are resistant to change

Twitter recently rolled out a new redesign and was met with backlash from most users.

This is because users automatically navigate interfaces that are used for a long time. In a way, navigation is similar to a routine, a habit, and when the interface design changes, the user navigation habits must change as well.

This increases cognitive load and can reduce user satisfaction with the product.

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Monkey randomly throwing darts are better stock sellers.

New research revealed that the biggest investors in the world don't make the best decisions when selling stocks.

This came to light when an investor's stock selling decision was compared to a strategy which is almost like throwing a dart at a list of names that exist in their portfolio. If their clients had instead hired the monkey with darts to randomly choose which stocks to sell, the client's portfolios would have earned 0.8 percentage points more per year.

It refers to the use of complete sentences and other natural-sounding phrases and verbal units in search queries and how those queries are interpreted by search engines using artificial intelligence algorithms

Most internet searches were based on keyword phrases, such as “Thai food” or “long-haired dog breeds.”

Conversational searches use grammatical and syntactical patterns that closely resemble the way people talk. The result is a search experience that’s more organic and appealing to the average searcher.

Sinan Aral - Professor at MIT

Social media is rewiring the central nervous system of humanity in real-time.


We’re now at a crossroads between its promise and its peril.

Engage professional conversations

The role of the editorial team(which comprises business journalists) at LinkedIn is to provide members with the news and views to talk about the things that matter today.

The editors focus on the three Cs. Create. Curate. Cultivate.

  • Create Original Content
  • Curate the best conversations happening in the professional community.
  • Cultivating people to use the platform, to have smart conversations, and to share with their community on LinkedIn.

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