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The Power of Now


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The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

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Forget Past and Future

A central teaching of Tolle’s enlightenment is, you guessed it, to focus on the now.

Tolle makes the case that lots of our suffering and pain happen because we allow the past and the future to poison our present. Which makes no sense to Tolle, because past and future don’t even exist.

The past cannot survive in your presence: it can only survive in your absence


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Now is All There Is

Past and future are mental constructs that bear no reality.

Things only happen in a continuous stream of present moments. When you feel something about the past you are feeling it now. So it’s not true that you are feeling some pain from the past: you are experiencing it in the success of present, “now moments”.

What we call the past is nothing but a collection of once-present moments. And the future is made of present moments that have yet to materialize.


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How “Now” Empowers You

Dwelling on past pains and future worries does nothing good for you.

For example, you might have a huge project you are running behind schedule. Most people project the future worry of not making it on time or having to face an angry boss on the now, which does nothing good neither for them nor for the completion of their project.

If you tackle it instead in the now, you can focus on doing all the actions that need be to taken now, free of future worries.

The secret of life is dying before you die. And finding there’s no death.


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