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Super Success


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Super Success

by Philip Holden

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Deal with criticism positively-

  • Stand up for yourself : Defend your position if you think it is right. Be Firm but Fair.
  • Get all Relevant information: It ensures clarity of thought while defending yourself. Knowledge is the ammunition to counter attack.
  • Be slow to anger: Don't lose your cool. If lost, The critic ignores or becomes resistant to what you are saying.
  • Don't be passive: Stop being timid, apologetic and indecisive.
  • Be patient: Wait and listen what the critic is trying to say.
  • Actively seek constructive criticism: It helps to learn
  • Don't take unfair criticism to heart and worry.


104 reads


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Curious and Aspiring. Honest and Responsible. Enigmatic at times! Perfection is obsession:(


Little shift in habits and thoughts can make us Millionaire. Here is initial stage.

Super Thinking is about the frameworks and shortcuts top performers rely on the cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones.