Universal Facts That Fits All Of Us. - Deepstash
Universal Facts That Fits All Of Us.

Universal Facts That Fits All Of Us.


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Universal Facts That Fits All Of Us.

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It is easy to fool ourselves that what health problems happened to others, won't happen to you.


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Don't overspend. But don't compromise on your present in the hope of a better future.


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I'll let you in on a secret. Your goal post that you keep telling to yourself that you'll stop once you're there, pause and reflect - Do you notice it has creepily moved slowly?

Welcome to the moving goalpost problem. You are not playing the game you started to play anymore.


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Some people enjoy being Curious. Some people love to travel. Some love to find comfort within their arms reach.

It's okay. You may enjoy a different thing. The world rewards outcomes that create value in the current social structure.


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The stories that you read are full of survivorship bias.

You have may be some 3000 weeks before you die. Relax. Remember nothing matters. Remember nothing counts. Remember to not validate yourself on other's scale

Stop.Reflect often and ask yourself 'what counts for me'.


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