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helps me quanitfy my 21 grams of life :) hope it helps if you are reading, let me know in the comments.

My Guide for Life

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Energy is life.

energy is more important than time.

manage energy, not time

energy is exponential, time is linear.

learn to meditate.

Freedom Choices

  • energy
  • time
  • health
  • wealth


  • computation
  • communication
  • content-creation

People and Money

manage relationships with people, not with forms of money streams.

relationships and connections are exponential, money is a linear expression of that resource.

Self and Non-Self

as an individual

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

as a part of life

  • Relationship
  • Business

Questions and Answer

answers are boring and non-inspiring

questions allow actions and behaviours.

Trust and Attention

build trust, it takes time and feels vulnerable and strange at times.

But it is the most human thing to do.

We have trust gates in our selves, not logic gates. We love others, not count them

Manage Emotions, Not Rationales

rational mind has no compass and direction and stability, it completely depends on emotional states which is static. Manage decisions, not promises. Decide on your emotions before doing something.

Flow of Systems

start settling with :-

  • emotion
  • question
  • decision ( by ROI metric )
  • trust
  • people
  • energy


If you fail five times, sixth time you will be better.



We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a week, month, year and decades!

Small goals are real, focus!

The small wins are exponentially more important than big wins.

Big wins are almost ridiculous and meaningless, give back no happiness or pleasure to the souls.

small goals are systems.

big goals are directions.

Warm up, tackle the lion!

Start your day with the difficult task, then go easy, at end of the day, you don't have the energy to do tough work and you feel guilty for not doing a difficult task if it was important.

You have the power!

You only get better each day because the world, and you directly invest energy over time daily on yourself, You cannot do worse, treasure yourself, love yourself, do amazing things, help many-many people.

Reduce cognitive load to one and meditate as entertainment.

With great work ethic, one must maintain great rejuvenation technique. Meditation is the greatest form of entertainment because it gives complete relaxation to the mind.

Think of the work to do as a physical load on yourself, can you juggle two different things if you have ...

Small mistakes are what slows us down.

I am slowed down by easy avoidable mistakes done mostly by myself, not some large unsurmountable thing. Rectify yourself on small things, and you will rock the world!

for the love of learning

Easy. Recognize your skills inherent or learned.

Challenge. Only take up a job you can win by iteration, not fail as a result, failure is initial feedback with success as an end result of iteration over failures.

Hard. This is what yo...

Philosophy + Practice

We do not learn by reading or memorizing more or only practice, we learn when we do both.

99% practice + 1% theory

99% failure + 1% success

99% perspiration + 1% inspiration

  • Lack of will power, courage and wisdom comes from selfishness beyond one's need.
  • Be one with the idea or service you want to impart in this world.
  • Unselfishness is infinitely mor...

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I think we should enjoy each and every moment happily whether it's sad or happy if we develop this kind of thoughts and add it to our personality we are unique 😊🤘



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