How to ‘Read’ 1000 Books a Year - The Summary Method (Non-Fiction) - Deepstash
How to ‘Read’ 1000 Books a Year - The Summary Method (Non-Fiction)
How to ‘Read’ 1000 Books a Year - The Summary Method (Non-Fiction)
How to ‘Read’ 1000 Books a Year - The Summary Method (Non-Fiction)


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How to ‘Read’ 1000 Books a Year - The Summary Method (Non-Fiction)

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How To Read 1000 Books A Year?

Reading thousands of books in a year isn't a tough job. To do this it's not necessary to be a smart or advanced reader. You just need to follow this four steps;

  1. Fill the funnel
  2. Make it effortless
  3. The blog post mindset
  4. Go deep


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1. Fill The Funnel

If we wanna read more books, then we need to have loads and loads of books coming into the top of our funnel.

This means when we have tonnes of books that we're checking out, and only later are we deciding, if it's the book that we're actually want to read properly.

A simple way to start doing this is to start reading summaries of the books first and filter out what really connects to you!


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2. Make It Effortless

To start reading books, you must not feel like no, if you feel you can't read this book, it's better stop reading it.

And reading books shouldn't be an effort, if you are not comfortable with paperbacks, start listening to audiobooks!


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3. The Blogpost Method

There's a word that everyone beliefs 'reading a book is to read every word and every page of that book'.

But, the truth here is, 'if you grabbed the content from the book, then you can say you've completed the whole book's

I cannot say the same with fiction but, when it comes to nonfiction or self-help, it's definitely not necessary to complete the whole book.

So,start reading summaries of the books, listen to author's views and grab the most importanttakeaways.


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4. Go Deep

When you came across blog post method, now filter out few best books that really inspired you and you feel like you should read this to know more.

Now, go deeper into that book!


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Bonus : Read graphical / visualized representation or print of that book.

When you connected to the visuals, you feel more connected to them!

Thinking of where to find those graphical represented books?

You can check out them in BLAST it's a social networking learning platform where you can post or read sketchnotes of books/videos/podcasts and many more.

(It wasn't yet launched, but you can signup to the waiting list and connect smart people on discord community)

Thank you :)


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