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RAD is one of the best productive system I came across, it was the three simple formula and it's most easy to apply in life. A big thank to Ali Abdaal for this technique :)

Productivity for Lazy People - The RAD System

Productivity for Lazy People - The RAD System

Ali Abdaal


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RAD is one of the best productivity techniques, it helps you to have strategic laziness.

Strategic Laziness

If you wonder what is strategic laziness, from the past people are saying you need to work hard to live a happy life, laziness will spoil you, it'll take over your opportunities, and it's very bad for you!

But, in recent times, we are learning smart work is best than hard work. If you strat...

1. Reduce

You might be having a lot to do stuff, but ever thought all the tasks in your lists are needed?

We might be taking a lot of projects, tasks, or things because they're interested at that time, but we might never look back into that, like our enrolled Udemy courses.

Decide not to do thi...

2. Automat

Automate your tasks, since we are living in AI-driven world, it is so easy to automate our tasks. There are many SAAS and no-code tools that help to do your things simple.

we are now able to send scheduled emails, earn passively by automating.

3. Deleg

We are not pro's at all the tasks we have, we need to hire few people for this.

It's better spend some money for freelancers than to take large tension and make mistakes.

Figure out how much your time costs, figure out is only you needed to do this task and delegate.

hope this productivity technique makes you productive :)

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