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What Triggers a Career Hot Streak?

What Triggers a Career Hot Streak?


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Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks

Hot streaks are also known as 'career-defining periods of unusual success' and this has been observed in almost every domain such as Einstein's "Miracle Year" of groundbreaking discoveries to director Peter Jackson's box-office-smash Lord of the Rings trilogy. 


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Hot Streaks through AI-Driven Analysis

The biggest impediment to understanding which elements trigger a hot streak was not being able to characterize creative works in a standard way across diferrent careers. 

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University then developed a deep neural network for the three domains of cous: paintings, film, and science. Their AI system used visual-recognition technology to analyze creative artworks. 

The neural network enabled the researchers to capture the dimensions related to their career output in the context of exploration and exploitation.


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The Recipe to Success

The researchers from Pennsylvania state University found that the 'recipe' for a hot streak = the exploration of creative options followed by exploitation of a specific lane of work.

However, following this, that equation is not enough in itself but a 'specific exploration-exploitation sequence' is needed to increase the likelihood of a hot streak. 

The research shows that when people experiment, they likely gain new skills from working in different subfields and then eventually find the best one to exploit.


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How Individuals and Organizations can Promote Hot Streaks

How Individuals and Organizations can Promote Hot Streaks

Individuals can promote and support hot streaks by pursuing any creative endeavor by exploring multiple subfields to find the right fit.

Organizations can promote and support hot streaks by making use of 'hot streak insights' because applying the understanding of hot-streak dynamics can help decide on how to manage intellectual property. 


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