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Best Practices in Business Process Automation

Best Practices in Business Process Automation

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The business process automation (BPA) approach

Automation in business can significantly reduce delays in data processing and workflow because of human error. The business process automation (BPA) approach can result in cost reduction and simplified procedures.

However, automation solutions can impact employees. Therefore, successful companies attempt to balance retaining employees and smart automation deployment that can boost efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.


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Operations that can be automated

  • Invoice processing can ensure properly carried out and tracked payment procedures.
  • Recruitment. Onboarding can be streamlined with e-signature, advanced employee data management, or automated benefits management.
  • Scheduling. Employees can be notified about the correct timetable and register their performance, presence, and absence.
  • Customer support. A 24-hour automated support system to ensure instant responses.
  • Sales management. CRM systems can benefit sales agents' daily operations.
  • Accounting data reconciliation can eliminate errors and reduce fraud.


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Take the right direction

AI and ML deployment is not a substitute for a person in a business process. However, when working in tandem with humans, it can improve workflows.

Automating specific processes allows staff to focus on the things that require human intervention. It is advisable to automate using a step-by-step implementation process. Try first to implement one process as a pilot project, then move to another.


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Don't ignore a proof of concept

Use a proof of concept (PoC) strategy while looking for an innovative solution to enhance your company performance.

This step could reveal the success or failure of the technology you are considering implementing.


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Get your staff involved

Employees may become frustrated with every change in the system management caused by automation, requiring them to disrupt their comfort zone.

Guide your staff through the entire automation cycle, involving them in every stage, establishing roles, and ensuring team cohesion.


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Prepare a backup plan

Any system could potentially go down, and your company needs to be prepared for it.

A failover option can save the situation and ensure ongoing workflow performance. However, failover may require intervention by a tech specialist who can restore the system and data.


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Continuous process improvements

Automation is only one part. The other is the overall approach to business process management.

Ensure to monitor automation performance early on to eliminate flaws and disrupting workflows. Make use of key performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of the automation solution.


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