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Technology needs to assist, not replace humans.


Using Technology to Make Work More Human

Using Technology to Make Work More Human


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Human Tech: The Potential

The next wave of digital tech, or “smart tech,” has the potential and power to help us rehumanize work.

Smart tech creates an opportunity to redesign jobs and re-engineer workflows to enable people to focus on the parts of work that humans are particularly well-suited for,...

The Scenario As Of Today

The Great Resignation wasn’t created by the pandemic so much as supersized by it. The unwillingness of workers to rush back into cubicles, behind counters, onto assembly lines, and behind the wheel is a direct result of work cultures that too often default to suspicion, inflexible schedules, and ...

What To Automate, What To Assist

There will be parts of jobs that are suitable for automation, but few, if any, that can (or should!) be completely replaced by smart tech. What automation can change for the better is the experience of work. Rather t...

The Choice Of Technology

Companies will be making many choices about automation in the next few years. And those decisions will influence how employees, customers, and other stakeholders perceive your company going forward. Should your company choose:

  • Bossware — technology that’s lurking in th...

Leaders Have To Choose

Organizational leaders are going to face many choices when it comes to smart tech in the near future. Commercial applications using smart tech are available off-the-shelf for every department from communications to accounting to service delivery. It will require informed, careful, strategic thoug...

Getting Started: Identifying Key Pain Points

So how do you get started introducing smart tech within your own organization? Here are a few initial steps you can take:

Identifying Key Pain Points: These should focus on areas where smart tech can take over rote tasks that can streamline unmanageable workloads and reduce worker ...

Choose the Right Smart Tech for The Job

Make sure the product or system you choose will create the right human-tech balance. Ensure that the assumptions built into the smart tech align with your values. And be sure that the tasks that require empathy and intuition will be assigned to people, while tasks such as data entry or analyzing ...

Create a Virtuous Cycle of Testing, Learning, and Improving

Step carefully and slowly, because it can be difficult to undo the harms of automation once the smart tech is in place. Pilot test the new system and workflow to ensure that your hopes and assumptions are correct.

The Trever Project

The Trevor Project is an example of what we call a "Smart Nonprofit" - an organization that has stepped carefully and wisely into automation by understanding "cobotting," the combination of people and smart tech that brings out the best in both.

They created Riley

Smart tech and automation can make work and workplaces more fulfilling and less exhausting. But doing so requires leaders to dig into the implications of automation and make smart, ethical choices about using tech that enhances our humanity and makes work better, healthier, and happier for everyo...




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How long or how short does a week feel and how much or how little is it worth when you know your whole life is 4000 weeks long?



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