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Life, Liberty, and Retirement Pensions

The State-run “social security” programs ...

... violate your rights to plan your retirement. Your Social Security taxes pay benefits for today’s recipients, and theoretically, tomorrow’s workers’ taxes will pay for your benefits. That's very different from investing because it doesn’t encourage responsible attitude...

  • You do not choose whether to participate.
  • You have no say in how the money is to be invested. Even modestly performing mutual funds yield higher returns.
  • You cannot withdraw in response to poor performance and pursue a highly effective one.
  • Gov...

The current system is an entitlement program in which everyone gets to claim a retirement pension from the state (that is, from working taxpayers), regardless of whether they’ve been industrious and thrifty. 

You are not saving for your retirement at all; you are paying for...

Positive and Negative Rights

  • Positive rights entail the duty of others to provide that which is being claimed.
  • Negative rights entail the duty of others to abstain from interfering with the pursuit of what is bei...

  • The right to save for one’s future is a negative right: Others must refrain from interfering with my accumulating and investing property.
  • The Current Model seem to have positive rights to a retirement pension: Someone has a duty to support me in my retirement,...

The right to financial independence needs to be asserted—the right to work, exchange your labor for money, and to control the fruits of your labor

This necessarily includes the right to plan and save for your own retirement, free from coercion or interference.

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