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Council Post: How To Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

Council Post: How To Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

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Page speed could improve ranking

Page speed could improve ranking

A website owner can spread their marketing dollars further by prioritising SEO. Some parts of the SEO strategy and implementation can take months, but others can be implemented in a few hours.

The easiest SEO improvement is page speed. Google considers the load time in its ranking, meaning that a faster load time for a website to display could benefit its ranking.


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Understanding page speed

Page speed refers to the time it takes for your website to display in a viewer's web browser fully.

You should aim for a 2-second or less page speed. Google research found that over 53% of people will leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. The average speed of sites that rank on the first Google search engine result page (SERP) is 1.65 seconds.


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How to improve your page speed

Run an initial speed check

You can run a free test on several services and use the average speed. 

Lose the extra weight

  • Compress all images - it should be in kilobytes. 
  • Choose a lightweight website theme
  • Use the AMP framework
  • Eliminate unnecessary APIs 
  • Use a uniform font.

Use a content distribution network (CDN)

A CDN spread copies of your website's data across different locations in a worldwide delivery network, making it allowing foreign visitors to your website at a fast speed.

Enable browser caching

It pre-loads or stores some of your website's data.

Consider hosting changes


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