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Pinterest Ads: How to Get Started

Pinterest Ads: How to Get Started

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Bothering With Pinterest Ads

Bothering With Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is grouped with other social media channels and in some aspects, contain social aspects itself. However, people use Pinterest more like a serach engine than a social platform -- which is why you should consider using Pinterest Ads.


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Step #1: Choose a Pinterest Ad Format

Step #1: Choose a Pinterest Ad Format

Like other platforms, Pinterest offers a variety of ad types or formats that marketers can choose from depending on their goals for the campaign. 

There are different campaign objectives to choose from such as:

  • Building awareness: Brand or Video Views
  • Driving consideration: Formerly known as 'Traffic'
  • Get conversions: Drive people to take actions on your website or Catalog sales


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Step #2: Setting Up Targeting

Step #2: Setting Up Targeting

Pinterest has its own code that you can embed on your site to help track and target visitors. One of the minor inconveniences of their tracking code is that it can easily get removed during routine site updates, so if you update your site, you'll want to make sure that you didn't accidentally remove the Pinterest tracking code. 

Pinterest also uses a keyword-based targeting system which allows you to build an audience based on their serach terms and interests.


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Step #3: Designing Your Creative

Step #3: Designing Your Creative

Just like any paid advertising platform, you'll need to test and learn which strategy and creative works best for you and your products, and serves your goals. Keep the following in mind when designing your ad creative:

  1. Use bright imagery
  2. Include your logo (can be animated to pop out more)
  3. Add a headline/call to action
  4. Add a description to describe your pin
  5. Include a solid call to cation to compel your audience to click on the ad


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