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Early Birds vs. Night Owls

Early Birds vs. Night Owls


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Early Birds vs. Night Owls

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Night Owls vs. Early Birds

Our chronotype determines whether we’re early birds or night owls. Our chronotype is how our body reacts to the time of day. There are typically three chronotypes: morning, day, and night.

  • Morning people are the early birds. They are awake, operate at peak efficiency in the morning, but usually can’t stay up for the late news.
  • Day people sleep a little later and are most effective in the afternoon.
  • Night owls sleep as late as possible and are up well past nightfall, into the wee hours of the morning.


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  1. More productive, especially at night.
  2. Overall, night owls tend to be wealthier.
  3. Intelligence: A study by the LSE found that night owls were more intelligent than early risers, scoring higher on IQ tests.
  4. More creative than early birds.


  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Health issues: More prone to health issues, such as diabetes, neurological and psychological disorders, and obesity.
  3. Depression: On average, night owls are more prone to depression than early risers, along with other mood disorders, due to social jetlag.


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  1. Intelligence
  2. Positive personality
  3. Healthier
  4. Life balance


  1. Energy crash: Whereas night owls get a second burst of energy in the later hours of the day, early birds tend to lose productivity and energy as the day goes on without getting a natural energy boost to keep them going.
  2. Tend to have higher levels of stress hormones, which can result in health issues like migraines, anxiety, and depression.
  3. Less socialization: Because early birds are wired to begin feeling tired earlier during the night, they may have a more difficult time in their social sphere.


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Become A Morning Person

At the end of the day, it matters most that we get the right amount of sleep to maintain good health. Below is the tips on how to change our sleep pattern:

  1. Gradually change our bedtime
  2. Let lighting help we realign our body’s clock
  3. Develop a soothing night time routine
  4. Track the positive impacts
  5. Reward ourselves for reaching incremental targets
  6. Keep an eye on our larger, more aspirational goals
  7. Don’t let eating habits undermine our progress
  8. Incorporate exercise into our day
  9. Give it time
  10. Enlist the experts


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