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From Mahabharat To You

From Mahabharat To You

Morale stories from Mahabharat's Character Abhimanyu's life.


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Revenge Is Best Not Served At All

The thought of revenge only brings destruction. People with intention of killing other's should start digging a grave for themselves too. Revenge, the root cause of Mahabharata. It brought nothing but death and destroyed Kaurva's. Pandavas also lost many of their loved ones. Only Yudhishthir survived on the way to heaven.


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Against All Odds

Life is a Chakravyooh. To enter is our responsibility and get out of it is our destination. We have no control on afterlife, not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow. Work is worship. We know how we enter in Chakravyooh of life we struggle to find a way out of it. So fight hard and stand strong till the end.


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Just The Half Of It-Not Enough

Abhimanyu learnt to enter the Chakravyooh but had no knowledge about how to exit it. 

Always gain complete knowledge about anything. Half knowledge is trouble on the way.


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Fear Has No Place

It takes courage to stand strong against the evil in the society. Do not fear if no one is with you, keep fighting till your last breath. The Mahabharata war teaches us about sacrificing our lives for the safety of truth and our loved ones.


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Be A Hero In Real Life

No matter how tough the situation is deal with it without fear. Trust your knowledge and use it wherever necessary. Make a dent in the universe. Always try to make an impact with your good deeds. Live for a purpose and not just for eating and earning money. Be a reason for someone's happiness and make people around you feel safe with you. 


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Believe In Yourself

During the Mahabharat war, Abhimanyu was stranded alone inside the Chakravyooh with enemies on all sides. He knew his time has come, yet he took his sword in one hand and the wheel of his chariot in another and fought till his last breath like a brave soldier. The Mahabharat War teaches us to never let fear overpower our thoughts no matter how worst the situation is. People who do not trust themselves usually are more worried about winning and loosing. 


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It's All Point Of View

Failure is not wrong, it's not the end. Life is a journey and it's obvious that winning and loosing has a part to play in it. Don't lose hope of winning the war just because you lost a battle. Learn to accept defeat with respect and keep on trying. During the War of Mahabharat Abhimanyu fought till the last breath and then accepted his defeat, but he did it with so much courage that the enemies were feeling ashamed about what they did to him and their eyes were filled with tears and shame. 


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Knowledge Is Power

Be obsessed to gain knowledge. The things you learn in your life live with you until the end. 

Do everything with passion to learn not just for the sake of completing it. Abhimanyu the warrior of Mahabharata started learning before he was born and kept learning the art of war his entire life. His learning helped him getting into the Chakravyooh and fight against all odds till his last breath. Just like that if you are passionate about your work nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. History has it that many great wars were fought and won with passion to win in the soldiers mind.


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Always Strategies To Win

It's said that everything is fare in war. In the war of mahabharat Shri Krishna knew Pandavas needed Arjuna to win the war. Not saving Abhimanyu in the Chakravyooh and not using any weapon in the war was all strategy of lord Shrikrishna.


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