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Is It Hard or Lack of Right Knowledge.

Is It Hard or Lack of Right Knowledge.


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Is It Hard or Lack of Right Knowledge.

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Is It Hard Or Lack Of Right Knowledge.

I recently solved a 3×3 rubix cube for the first time ever. I know many people have solved it , but for me it was something which I had already tried n number of times applying my own logic and had given up. I had tried and failed solving it many times without realising or completely unaware of an easy solution to solve it. Yesterday, I challenged myself that every day I would spend an hour for atleast 2 months approximating the time It would take to solve such a complex thing. Read what happend next.


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One Right Solution Vs Million Wrong Solutions

With the challenge in place, I immediately searched youtube for possible solution which I had already done in the past but every time I would find some videos which were just complex or I just believed it was just a fake video. But luckily, I found the right video this time which provided the exact knowledge which was required to solve. That was it.

It took me just 1.5 hours to go from "Not Possible at all" to "This was easier than I can think off"


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Under 11 :11 Minutes

With just solving it two more times, I was able to solve the rubix cube all 6 sides under 11 minute which is great for someone who thought it was damn hard.

From "Not Possible at all" to "I could solve it under 11 minutes"


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Solutions To Problems

Persistence - the most important quality every one needs to cultivate.

But persistence combined with the right knowledge is what is really required.

I would not have solved the cube even if I had tried million times using my own logic (old way).

One should always try to learn from the knowledge which already exist in the world first rather than trying it and failing 100 times. It is not required to reinvent the wheel.

We need to really put a lot of efforts in finding if solution really exists.


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Follow Someone/ Something Who Has Already Done It.

Similarly,One should try to know from those who have solved the problem or achieved something through hard ways, to benifit from them, rather than being stubborn about finding your own ways.

Sometimes the solution to problems exist always, you just have not found out the right knowledge to solve it while some people have already mastered it.

Read books, its the easiest way you can directly have a conversation with someone who has mastered something.


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