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Guided Sales Using Artificial Intelligence

Guided Sales Using Artificial Intelligence

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Guided Selling Using AI

Guided Selling Using AI

Over the last four years, more than half (51%) of top-performing companies have either turned to or plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered guided selling by 2025.

AI functionality has permanently transformed the form and function of guided selling capabilities. B2B sales organizations should help sellers improve sales execution by adding AI-based guided selling to their sales technology stack.


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Navigating The Challenging Day Of A Sales Rep

Sales reps have a lot to juggle. Not only do they need to understand their product/service, know the customer well, keep track of meetings and diverse tasks, be engaging and positive when they connect with buyers, but also have the right content at hand at the right time, to push prospects through the buyer’s journey intelligently.

With so many demands on reps and navigating long B2B sales cycles, and with less and less time to do so, any technology or tool that can help sellers along the way is welcomed.


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Guided Selling Defined

In guided selling, machine language-trained applications suggest content for sales teams to show prospective buyers. The content is based on the user’s sales methodology, the prospect’s stage in the sales cycle and particular industry.

When sellers prepare for buyer engagements, from emails to meetings, AI provides insights-driven content recommendations on what content to share or details to keep in mind.


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Benefits Of Guided Sales

Guided sales improve your customer engagement, align and automate your sales, services and marketing efforts, enables your sales team to be more efficient and productive, reduce the complexity of your operations, scale your business with automation and process optimization, and close the marketing loop with actionable insights. 

Guided selling is well likened to matchmaking — helping your sales teams match perfect products with customers the first time round, ultimately driving more revenue for your company.


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How Guided Selling Works

Guided selling helps sales reps to uncover what buyers want and give it to them. Guided selling opens the door to more efficient, accurate and personalized sales.

As an example, guided selling can happen before a customer interaction or a presentation, as preparation, where the software gives the rep prompts as to what content to show or send the prospect. It can also happen within a sales call.


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Guided Sales Using AI: The Matchmaking Of Customers with Products and Services

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