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How to use rituals to connect with work and retain colleagues

How to use rituals to connect with work and retain colleagues

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Rituals in the workplace

Rituals in the workplace

Companies and teams that use rituals can significantly increase collaboration and productivity.

  • Rituals give a sense of psychological safety and belonging.
  • Rituals provide an opportunity to connect to purpose and values.
  • Psychological safety and purpose together boost performance.

Studies found that collaboration went up by 47% and productivity by 50% when people felt a sense of psychological safety.


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Understanding rituals

  1. A ritual is something to which we assign meaning and intention.
  2. A ritual has a regular cadence, repetition, like every morning or once a week or month.
  3. A ritual goes beyond its practical purpose.

To understand a ritual, ask when employees at your company feel the most like they belong? You would know something is a ritual if it seems weird or crazy if it didn't happen. It would feel like a loss.


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Rituals for hybrid and asynchronous companies

  • You can be intentional around your meetings - around beginnings and endings. It's possible to maintain some magic even when people are remote.
  • For asynchronous companies, a regular meeting during a suitable time for everyone with your camera on can still be worthwhile.
  • Managers need to build time to have one-on-ones and find out how the person is really doing. They don't need to be every week for an hour. They can be bite-sized. But you have to check in.


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Be intentional about how people connect

Workplaces are where people encounter some of the greatest diversity. 

When we are left to our own devices, we naturally gravitate toward people that are more like us. Therefore, we have to be intentional about how we connect with other people, whether it's through bringing together multiple employee resource groups (ERGs) or through mentoring and professional development. 


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