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How to Keep Your Cool


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How to Keep Your Cool

by Seneca

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Is Anger Worth Our Time?

"Once shaken and overthrown, the mind becomes a slave to that which drives it. Just as bodies in freefall have no power over themselves and cannot resist or slow their descent, but the unstoppable downrush cuts off every thought and regret. Anger is like freefall gravity."


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Uncontrolled Anger

Humans are passionate creatures. Anger is one way to express that passion. But, anger in itself is a superficial emotion that usually masks something deeper. Our anger is something that can be used for our benefit, to explore within.

However, uncontrolled anger can be catastrophic. 

"No space is left for reason once passion has been ushered in and given jurisdiction."


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"Take note of this flaw in human nature and always suspect it: what we have to hear, we readily believe and we grow angry before we use our judgment. 

Think then: what if we are driven to act, not by accusations but by mere suspicions, and grow angry at the guiltless because we read the worst into someone's facial expression or laughter." 

Always suspect and inspect your anger before acting on it.


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"Momentum is pleasing if it stops in its tracks when ordered, doesn't run past the boundaries we have set, and can be steered and brought back on track as it goes."

A healthy amount of anger is biologically and psychologically good - a means to get rid of stress hormones (with healthy ways of dealing with anger)


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1. Avoid anger as much as you can, and if you do get angry, find healthy ways to manage them. 

2. Be aware that we are all humans, and we are prone to mistakes. "The greatest punishment of a wrong that's been committed is having committed it."

3. Practice mutual leniency: we can put up with brief annoyances 

4. "Hold back a bit; look, here's death, arriving to make you equal with them." At the end of the day, we have the inevitable end, so let's spend the living days with more love and compassion, rather than anger and hate. 


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