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What is Customer Experience Design?

What is Customer Experience Design?

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Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

The process design teams follow to optimize customer experiences at all touchpoints before, during and after conversion. They leverage customer-centred strategies to delight customers at each step of the conversion journey and nurture strong customer-brand relationships.


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Experience before Technology

Experience before Technology

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.

— Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple & user experience guru


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Building Strong Bridges between Customers and Brands

Organizations must focus on areas such as advertising campaigns, customer service and consistency and adopt a customer-centric viewpoint. A brand may have a superior product but still, fail if it doesn’t reach users at their various stages of encountering it.


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CX Design around the Customers

Customers develop their perceptions of products and services across many touchpoints and channels. Think of a brand you’ve engaged with. How many ways can you encounter it? How did you discover it? How do you feel about it? There are many factors behind how customers make contact with brands and perceive them over time.


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Anticipate the customer's mindset

Anticipate the customer's mindset

You must acknowledge that customers are informed individuals. In several clicks, they’ll do extensive research.


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Customers' spending

What customers spend depends on their impression and experience of a brand.

They can leave and seek a competitor at any touchpoint, and leave bad feedback.


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Customers should feel in control

This is the all-important sense of agency where customers feel they’re part of a conversation with a brand—i.e., that the brand speaks to them, cares about what they care about and has tailored solutions just for them. Here, you should understand a major pitfall to avoid: Regardless of the transaction-based reality of the brand-customer relationship, if customers feel your brand is just selling them something, they will lose not only that sense of agency but also trust.


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Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps can help you examine customer touchpoints, understand a brand’s CX and expose gaps

Customer journey maps are research-based tools which design teams use to reveal typical customer experiences over time and visualize the many dimensions and factors involved. These enable brands to learn more about target users.


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Business Strategist, Investing in Africa, Tech Evangelist.


Had a conversation with a Food Brand last week with a clear challenge in customer service experience. They get complaints from customers every week. After so much probing I found out they have no customer experience design and customer journey map since their formation in 2014. Sharing this article was influenced by that conversation.

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