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Customer Experience vs. Customer Success: Explained - Help Scout

Customer Experience vs. Customer Success: Explained - Help Scout

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Customer Experience vs. Customer Success

Customer Experience vs. Customer Success

Customer Experience (CX)

  • Considers the customer from the very beginning
  • The CX team relies on understanding how the customers think adn feel towards the company
  • Every interaction performed whether human or digital, feeds into the understanding and development of a great customer experience

Customer Success (CS)

  • The CS team works to understand how the customer engages with the product post-sale in order to identify ways to optimize their engagement
  • They work with the product teams in order to heighten the amusement and improve upon the frustration points of the customers


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The Customer's Journey

The Customer's Journey

  1. When we get a new customer to set up and optimize on a product we call this onboarding
  2. Escalations happen when we address the issues that flows over the scope the mainline customer service
  3. For the products that have a fixed but renewable relationship, the Customer Success team ensures that the customer stays with the company or product, this is renewal

These are the lenses that the customer success team must look through in order to have the customer's experience more enthralling.


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The Difference between CX and CS

The Difference between CX and CS

  1. Location in the customer journey - Customer Experience (CX) begins before the consumer is knowledgeable that they are in the buying journey; while Customer Success (CS) places the spotlight on the post-sale time frame.
  2. Team goals - When CX contends to build an overall positive relationship and experience with the customer, CS strives to assist the customer to get the most out of a specific product or service.


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A true customer-centric company should realize that both customer experience and customer success exist to deliver great outcomes for the customer.



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