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Why you should build your product with a mobile-first mindset | Pendo Blog

Why you should build your product with a mobile-first mindset | Pendo Blog

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Embracing a mobile-first mindset

Embracing a mobile-first mindset

Mobile devices are interconnected with our work and lives. Many industries expect that some portion of work will be done on the phone, yet many of our mobile app experiences still lag far behind our expectations.

One reason is that some companies who build software don't take a mobile-first approach to product development. Instead, they focus on web-based experiences, then scale them back for mobile.

Adopting a mobile-first approach is vital to stay competitive and stand out in a multi-screen world.


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Work happens everywhere

With the rise of flexible and hybrid work models, the need to always be connected, and the expectation that our phones are nearby, we've redefined work as something we do, not somewhere we go. We use our phones to submit reports or update our CMS in between flights. We send our colleagues feedback.

A mobile-first mindset can help your team prepare to design multi-screen and multi-session experiences and help with more thoughtful decisions on prioritisation, feature placement, and functionality.


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Your users expect it

Mobile apps and seamless digital experiences are table stakes. Employers are looking to empower their teams to have access to tools to get their work done, wherever they are. 

  • Adopting a mobile-first mindset can help you build mobile apps that live up to your customer's high expectations.
  • The element of personalisation can create moments of delight and work in your product's favour.
  • Your app on a user's phone can help you become more "sticky".


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Mobile-first indexing

In July 2019, Google announced that mobile-first indexing would become the default for all new websites. It means Google uses the mobile version of your content to index and rank your site.

A mobile-first mindset ensures that you get your users curious to explore your mobile app's full functionality and user interface and make them feel that your app is worthy.


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It helps you build a better experience

Building with a mobile-first mindset forces your team to think about how your product looks and feels across device types and operating systems.


This creates an understanding of the various ways your users could interact with your product and encourage you to modify the product's UI to suit their individual circumstances.


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