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How Much Is Too Much: The Dangers of Toxic Productivity

How Much Is Too Much: The Dangers of Toxic Productivity

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Toxic Productivity

Toxic Productivity

Toxic productivity is the outsized desire for productivity at all times and at the expense of our other priorities, from family life to hobbies.

If we’re constantly working while rarely engaging in hobbies, which allow us the opportunity to destress, we can see how easily it is to eventually stop doing everything all together.

  • Toxic productivity inevitably also leads us to feeling burnt out. By working ourselves to the point of exhaustion we eventually lose our will to do simple everyday things like texting someone back or cooking a meal. 


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Sign If We're Suffering From Toxic Productivity

Sign If We're Suffering From Toxic Productivity

  1. Inability to turn off: We feel unable to shut off work-related tasks to rest, enjoy hobbies, or spend time with friends and family.
  2. Guilt about productivity: We feel guilty about not getting enough work done, even when we are completing a reasonable amount of work-related tasks.
  3. Problems with health or personal relationships: We begin to experience issues with our health or personal relationships due to the above issues. Significant others may feel they are getting less of our time or attention than work.


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How To Heal Toxic Productivity

How To Heal Toxic Productivity

  1. Set realistic goals, adjust as needed
  2. REST is not for the week, take breaks
  3. Get some accountability
  4. Define clearer work-life boundaries
  5. Meditate to clear our head


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Passionate learner and a writer on NovelToon. Ig: @d.angelonico_


“I almost ended up working and doing more than in my usual office days, because I felt so anxious about losing that sense of stability. I became really frantic and obsessive,” ~ Clare

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