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How to stand out in virtual meetings

How to stand out in virtual meetings


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How to stand out in virtual meetings

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Remote workers in the hybrid setup

There is a huge difference between being virtual like many were at the start of the pandemic, and the hybrid way of working that many companies are planning for.

With people split between the home and the office, companies will go from a situation where there is a single mode of communication to one where people are showing up from different locations, and potentially using different means of communication.

This could easily lead to meetings becoming confusing or tip the conversation in favor of those who are physically in the room. That could mean those who work remotely are overlooked.


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Ultimately managers have the overwhelming responsibility to create presence for everyone in the meeting, but attendees also have a responsibility to understand who is in the meeting. 

But regardless of who your manager is, it is important to create as much presence for yourself as possible. Keeping your camera on is an obvious basic essential.


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If they can, remote workers should seek out an "in-room buddy" who can act as an advocate and pull them into conversations. This could just be a fellow team member or friend who is in physical attendance.

It's also important to think about how you participate. This doesn't always need to be verbal. Using features like chat or "raise hand" present in most mainstream video call apps can also help to boost your presence.


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The "stunted" nature of virtual communication, can make it harder to read body language and other non-verbal cues.

So if you're remote, let people know how you're feeling about something. Actively verbalizing your emotions can help people to better understand the intent of your message if they can't easily perceive your non-verbal cues.


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How you look on screen is important. But it's not all about vanity, it's about having respect for your conversation partner.

Aside from ensuring that your face is evenly illuminated, other key things to focus on are how you're framed - showing your full face and a large part of your body to ensure that people can read your body language - and to ensure that your background is not too distracting.


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