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7 Upcoming Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2022 - The European Business Review

7 Upcoming Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2022 - The European Business Review



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Updating your web design knowledge

Certain web elements will always be there, such as navigation, content, visual design, etc. 

But knowing the new trends around these elements can help you update your web design knowledge and create on-point designs.

Cinema-style homepages are full-screen video stories that help users feel part of the website in seconds.

You can also modify your cinema-style homepage, for example, using the slow-motion effect, vignettes, etc. 

Most websites are too slow because website designers use heavy graphical and third-party elements. 

You can develop a website that only loads what the user needs, increasing website loading speeds and ensuring you get better returns on your investment.

Creating content that focuses on the customer's interests and needs can increase the customer's confidence and trust in you. 

You can hire a web design agency to help create marketing content that meets your target audience's demands.

Giving a customer the ability to toggle between the two modes can enhance their experience on your website.

Ensure that your web design has colour palettes for light and dark modes to ensure that switching between the modes doesn't affect visibility.

Overlapping Design Elements

Modern design allows overlapping design elements instead of keeping them in the same container. It can help to build an organised and professional website with trackable components.

However, overlapping pages should remain readable, and the pages collapse effectively.

AI chatbots that act like human agents can play a significant role in improving customer experiences. They understand user intent and can notice where a customer is on the purchase journey.

A chatbot can do the work of several humans, making it worth considering in your website design.

Small buttons are not thumb-friendly for users on small screens. One easy way to improve user experience is with big buttons on all your website's versions.

You can differentiate the buttons using colour.

Flat or minimalist designs can increase the appeal of your website. It makes every page easy on the eye.

White space is significant when adopting a minimalist design, but website designers are also experimenting with colourful minimalist designs.

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