The 3 rules to making big career (and life) decisions with no regrets - Deepstash
The 3 rules to making big career (and life) decisions with no regrets

The 3 rules to making big career (and life) decisions with no regrets

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Pick Your Next Job To Prepare For The One After That

How should you think about your next job? First, think hard about the one you want to have after the one you’re currently exploring. That allows you to identify the gaps in skills, experience, etc., you will have for that job. Then, to progress toward your long-term goal, your next job needs to allow you to close some—ideally many—of those gaps.


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It is essential to realize that the forces of nature in recruiting will often work against you. Recruiters and hiring managers look for candidates who have already demonstrated success in the skill or role they need. Therefore, they are likely to offer you a job where you continue to do what you have already done successfully. If that aligns with your long-term goals, you are lucky, but if it does not, you need to proactively pursue jobs that help you close the gaps.


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Consider The 2 Most Important Aspects Of Your Next Job

When people consider a new job opportunity, their focus is usually entirely on the actual job or project (and the compensation, if relevant). Unfortunately, they neglect two critical aspects of job satisfaction.


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First, data shows that your manager makes a big impact on your job satisfaction—a lousy manager will make the best project a nightmare, and a great one will uplevel all aspects of a job. Second, your team members and peers are also hugely important, both from a social perspective (just consider that you will spend roughly as much time with them every week as with your family) as well as from one offering an environment where you will be able to learn the skills you need for your next job from them.


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The actual project you work on has considerably less effect on your job satisfaction than those two factors, yet candidates tend to spend not enough time interviewing their future manager, and often miss taking a more detailed look at their future team.


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Try The “Look Back On Your Life” Rule

When faced with a tough or scary career decision (or other life decision)—like moving to another country, or switching industries—picture yourself old and gray, telling your grandchildren about your life.


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In that reflection, if you take the path you’re considering, and even if you fail, will you be proud of the boundaries pushed and what you learned from tackling your endeavor? Looking back on your life, will you be more likely to regret taking that path or regret not having taken it?


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