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One of the questions I asked a recent mentee who was struggling to get visibility was - How do you want your audience to see you? Here are a few tips to becoming more visible

Becoming Visible to your Target Audience - Your Personal Brand

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Start Inwards, Be clear On Your Identity

The natural thing to do to becoming more visible is to promote yourself everywhere. But that can only be effective if you know who you are, what you represent and your WHY!

It all starts with a personal conviction of your motivation and awareness of who you truly are. Once you are clear, ...

The moment you start to hover across too many personas of your identity, the more you start to confuse your audience. In the end, you will be noticed with many things but remembered for nothing.

This is counter-productive as your intention should be for you to be known for something.


To stand out in anything you have to build your knowledge and experience in it. Reading books, attending events, participating in activities relating to your niche helps you excel as a subject matter expert in the area.

Sometimes you need to invest in training programs too and attend paid ...

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. Spread yourself too thin and you may not even be noticed at all. Experiment with platforms but choose where you want to be seen, heard and known.

This is particularly important on digital platforms such as social media. Have goals and let them he...

How you introduce yourself, the way you talk, your tone and everything really, is part of your identity.

Be very consistent such that your audience can immediately identify you when you show up.

Consistency has a way of building credibility too, as naturally people will associate you ...

Value attracts people. Value triggers attention. Value keeps people interested.

In whatever you do, find ways to continuously give value to your target audience. There are so many ways to do this from writing articles, sharing content, participating in discussions and so much more.


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I know how awkward it can be, leaving a company you’ve been working for. I have experienced this a few times. Here are my thoughts on how to make your exit seamless and less awkward.



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