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Art of living Great Life

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<p>What does great life mean t...

What does great life mean to you? A life without worry or a life with fill with happiness. Whatever you mean it. There is one thing that is certain, that is ( nothing is permanent except change ) a great line that comes from an article called ' Liquid Modernity ' by Zygmunt Bauman a sociologist.  



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Perfection never exists, every relationship has a problem, every food is a problem if you eat it too much. The main, thing is how we made our self happy with the things that we have that make all the difference.



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There is one beautiful proverb that comes from our Bodo Community " Hill is seen plain from Distance " which means, you may see me very beautiful from distance. Until you come and see me from close and you see all the fine lines and mole.


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Great life starts when you start doing great things in life as the word Sanskrit Karma says "what do you, you get back ".If one does bad things, bad things will happen more often. 


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The point is where do we start, do what you love the most more often. Our best days in life, should not be spent in worry about the things that are not going right. But, to be spent on how can I overcome this or that, Great Life means different to different people. So, does the meaning of life. When you start to love the things or appreciate the things that you have.The things that you haven't lost their value. 


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I can't tell you what great life will be for you. I can only tell you how great life is .. there is one song called " Easy to Adore you " by Mauve .. and below is short lyrics taken from the song 


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It's so easy to adore you

You're like a thousand stars at night

Show me the place I've never been to

Oh, what a beautiful life

What a beautiful life

What a beautiful life

What a beautiful life

What a beautiful life


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When the chorus starts like this " Oh! What a beautiful life " my heart fills with joy. Life is not suffering as we all think. It is full of love and happiness. It totally depends on how you think, if you think life is full of suffering, you will get more of that.if you think life is beautiful, you will get more of that. 



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When I was a child, I did not know what is pain. Until I grew old.. when we were children everything is beautiful as we aged our innocence feeling fade away. And we think, the world is a hostile place or to live. The main point is not, it is because of the media and news that keep pouring on our mind that makes us. Feel that way... And the reality is the illusion of our mind.


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