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4 ways to learn something new everyday

4 ways to learn something new everyday

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Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New Everyday

When we were Children, we have urged to gain some new useful knowledge everyday. We always learn something new from our father and mother. From mother, we learn how to fold the clothes, how to cut the vegetables. From father how to wash your cycle,etc. We have participated the tests at school, participate in extra-curricular activities, and joined gatherings during our school years.

But then the phase come of Teenage or Adult. When we are doing job, we have routine of 9-5 timing for job and we didn't create space or time for learning new things. Always we should keep learning new things.


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Let's discuss the 4 ways of learning new things:

Let's discuss the 4 ways of learning new things:

Learning can be broken down into small-term and long-term learning. Your brain can in any case get advantage from learning new things, learning the small bits of information consistently empower your brain.

1. Read Daily Infographic

People process visuals rapidly: It takes under 1/10 of a second for your mind to get a feeling of a visual. Retaining new data utilizing infographics is a speedy and simple way of learning. Visual learning diminishes perception time, yet stays close by longer in our memory. On Daily Infographic you can go through 15 minutes of the session on a topic of your choice.


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2. Train your Brain at Lumosity

2. Train your Brain at Lumosity

Created by Scientists and Game developers,Lumosity has an incredible assortment of intellectual games you can play. You probably won't get familiar with a substantial reality,yet your brain will be tested and develop! It's good to play the games which enhance your memory power

3. Watch Ted ED

Ted Talks are renowned for bringing a huge amounts of subjects by inventive scholars.Ted Ed makes learning a stride further with drawing in video lessons. Points range from "the logical way of seeing the world" to"how tax evasion works".You should try it once if you have determination and curiosity to learn


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4. Follow curiosity

Curiosity is a site which inspires individuals to get more smarter. They do it by tracking down the most fascinating news on an assortment of topics. Simply click what subject you are keen on finding out about, which you want to learn and you'll get fascinating articles and videos.

If you like to read the Educational Blog for tips and tricks, read it on bioeducation1.blogspot.com.


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Why learning new things is important?

Why learning new things is important?

By learning new things, you increase sharpness of your mind. When you went party, you have a topic to talk with others. The more you know, the more likely to find something common in between you and him. You gain self-confidence and self-esteem by mastering knowledge and skills. If you will practice more, you will learn easier and faster.You can earn more money by learning new technical and soft skills to advance your career.

As you get to know,why learning new thing is more important in your life.Keep learning, grow in your career.To be consistent,tell yourself "I want to learn something New"


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