The Reason Your Organization Is Underperforming? A Lack of Clarity - Deepstash
The Reason Your Organization Is Underperforming? A Lack of Clarity

The Reason Your Organization Is Underperforming? A Lack of Clarity

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Connectivity is the first driver of clarity

Connectivity is the first driver of clarity

Work often happens through informal structures, rather than through formal organizational structures. And so, collaboration cannot be understood by looking solely at these formal structures.

Connectivity involves how your employees are connected through tasks, cross-functional projects, ad-hoc teams, goals, and different technologies across formal and informal channels.

Connectivity is often taken for granted and poorly understood by leaders. Mapping out your organization's connectivity is the first step to understanding how work actually happens and is key to achieving organizational clarity. 


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Provide visibility

It involves ensuring that your employees understand and are able to track how their work contributes to broader company goals, as well as your company mission. This understanding is ever fleeting in organizations today.

Your employees also need visibility into their work output and they should have the tools to measure this output over time. Technologies that meaningfully assess workload distribution are key for gaining visibility into work output. This type of visibility will enable you and your employees to pinpoint when task, project, and goal performance are veering off track.


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Encourage efficiency

As we embark on new ways of work, it's no longer about executing the greatest volume of tasks--it's about doing the right tasks in the best possible way. 

Efficiency is enabled by both connectivity and visibility. Peak efficiency happens when employees are connected across different tasks, projects, and geographic and functional silos. And it is fueled by visibility. Visibility into how work happens enables you to build workflows and integrations that leverage automation and AI to empower more efficient work. 


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"Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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