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How to Identify a Top Performer in Your Business

How to Identify a Top Performer in Your Business


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How to Identify a Top Performer in Your Business

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Top performers look beyond their assigned role

They look broadly to do the job that needs to be done. They build a reputation of being a flexible utility player, with the agility to adapt to changing needs.

One of the best ways to encourage this is to be a good communicator, both by letting people know what is happening, and really listening to other people.


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They don't wait to be asked; they get things started and involve others, even when they're not officially in charge. They lead or follow on-demand rather than by command. 

They don't assume that other people are in charge who will tell them when they are needed and what to do. In leadership circles, this is often called "leadership from behind."


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... rather than workers who measure their contribution by hours worked. Too many average workers operate on an avoidance mindset, taking responsible action, but when things get tough, they stall out or escalate issues up the management chain rather than taking ownership.

The best business leaders and business professionals are also ones who produce more results.


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Many employees interpret change as annoying, unfair, or threatening to their stability. Top performers interpret new targets and new rules as a need to recalibrate and refocus their efforts, as well as the business. 

The result is a culture of innovation, keeping the organization relevant and responsive.


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The best players provide a lift, not by taking on other people's work but by being easy to work with.

They bring a sense of equanimity that reduces drama, politics, and stress, and promotes a positive and collaborative work environment for everyone. They offer to help, rather than seek help.


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