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The product-led flywheel

The product-led flywheel

The product-led flywheel is a framework that promotes product-led growth. It focuses on the user experience at the various stages of the user's journey.

  • On the inner circle of your flywheel, imagine the different segments of your users based on where they are in their product journey. For example, product qualified leads, customers, active customers, loyal customers.
  • On the outer layer of your flywheel are the different stages of product growth: Onboarding, adoption, retention, and growth.


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The benefits of a product-led flywheel

  • It's a better fit in the modern SaaS market that depends on recurring revenue to succeed. The flywheel assists in proving immediate product value.
  • It leads to higher NDR. It delivers excellent experiences to both the new and existing users.
  • It speeds up over time. The growth stages feed on one another to produce faster growth.


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Jumpstarting a successful flywheel

  • Understand the customer experience through tools such as in-product analytics, in-product engagements, and surveys.
  • Use a smarter approach to segmentation. Do surveys and customer feedback loops to develop different user segments. Identify user pain points and user's objectives, then plan to deal with the pain points.
  • Focus on product qualified leads.
  • Make onboarding easy.
  • Use in-product analytics to power your product-led growth flywheel.

Improving your product-led flywheel will lay the groundwork for faster growth and a user-first product.


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The SaaS industry can tap into a growth plan that gains momentum over time.

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