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How to Learn Anything in 4 Steps with the Feynman Technique

How to Learn Anything in 4 Steps with the Feynman Technique

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Learn anything in 4 simple ways

Feynman Technique involves breaking down information into small, manageable pieces and then using mental images to help understand it — and can be applied to convey complicated topics in a short amount of time.


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Pick a topic and study it

In 3 simple steps,

  • Start with a topic you want to learn - New language, drawing skills, coding skill, etc
  • Break down the components of the topic and examine each piece individually
  • Once you understand the individual parts, join the puzzle and see how it fits in a big picture

(Feymann mental model can help in training the mind)


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Explain the topic to a 5 year old

Attempt to explain what you have learnt to a child

Describe the subject to the child, use hand gestures, try drawing a doodle, use you creativity


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Examine any gaps in your knowledge

Assess yourself if you were able

  • Explain the topic as a basic term
  • Record the most challenging part, write it down
  • Record your feelings, write them down
  • How did you manage jargons while explaining

Practice makes it perfect


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Organise, analyse and simplify

  • Organise your learning in steps (1,2,3….) which is comfortable for you
  • Use images, doodles, analogies for easy understanding
  • Add fun elements - game, cards, model, flipbook, charts etc


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Feel free to use the Trello board I have created to practice and make it a habit.

Trello : Feymann Technique Template


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Learning is a continuous process, its important to culture this as a habit

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