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5 Easy Ways To Find Things To Write About

5 Easy Ways To Find Things To Write About

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5 Easy Ways To Find Things To Write About

5 Easy Ways To Find Things To Write About

In this post I would be proposing simple ways to you may source for ideas to write about. Psst… They’re all around you.

  1. Watching the world go
  2. Keeping an eye on the media
  3. Drawing on your experience
  4. Read Books
  5. Use your imagination


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1. Watching the world go.

1. Watching the world go.

Watch how people behave in everyday situations, jotting down ideas in your notebook as they occur to you. The next time you go to the supermarket, for example, observe the behavior of the other customers.

Not only should you watch but you must also listen. Writers are terrible eavesdroppers and will shamelessly listen in on the most private conversations. You can pick up some wonderful snippets that will effortlessly turn themselves into ideas for all sorts of things.


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2. Keeping an eye on the media.

2. Keeping an eye on the media.

Newspapers, television and radio are some of the richest sources of ideas out there. Keep your eyes and ears open for the unusual stories and quirky programs tucked away between the major items. Jot down All kinds of things that capture your imagination.

You may decide to flesh out these ideas with your imagination, fact or ideas from other sources, before you know it ta-da!! You have a complete story.


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3. Drawing on your experience.

3. Drawing on your experience.

You can also lean into your personal experiences for ideas to write about, this is usually a good way for you to strike a connection with your readers. Your relationships, both good and bad, from your earliest memories of childhood through your schooldays to adult friendships, romantic attachments or experiences at work; everything can form part of your stories.

Also Instead of writing about what happened to you, you may decide to write “what you wished had happened instead”. You know how instead of falling down the stairs horribly, you were magically able to float in the air.


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4. Read Books.

4. Read Books.

Writers are readers, this may sound cliché but it still holds true even today. Apart from being a source for ideas for your stories, you also get to see what your contemporaries are writing/wrote and analyze how they did it.


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5. Use your imagination.

5. Use your imagination.

Stating this out almost feels unnecessary because for you to pull off any of the previous tips above you would at some point have to fill in gaps with your imagination, which ironically makes this probably the most important tip in this post.

Using your imagination when writing is not something you have to be a genius to pull, to begin doing it, you just need to combine ideas from different sources, chop parts you don’t want and continue repeating this (merge & chop) process until you have something you want.


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These ideas provide simple sources for writing ideas that can be used to come up with creative writing stories

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