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How do we create meaning?

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Being mindful of our own thoughts - watching them instead of running with them - can bring clarity to our daily behavior.

However, it is beneficial that we learn to name certain positive thought patterns, so we understand where our thoughts - the cognitive ant...

When there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, we can end up analyzing little gestures and what others have told us - to the point that we end up creating false scenarios that are either overly positive or negative.

When facing with th...

Because social media is built on daily engagement and likes, we can become addicted to the validation of others: the more likes and followers, the more we gain popularity and status - at least in our own mind.

It is good to ask ourselves dai...

We constantly calculate risks as our everyday activity and try to prepare for them. If it's raining, we take an umbrella, if it's cold we wear a jacket.

However, this calculation can become counterproductive when we are shielding ourselves f...

Humor brings people together. Sense of humor is something you can develop, but it requires loosening your inner critic somewhat.

The best humor is quick witted. In other words, the joker is first in the situation to create meaning in a new and confusing situation.

Philosophies such as existentialism start from the individual and their meaning process. However, meaning is not only what I decide it to be - it is what we as a group discover, communicate and implement daily.

  1. Reflect by writing or create a daily audio log
  2. Create a project and timetable for it
  3. Organize a party with friends with a special meaning

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