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How to develop Creative thinking skills in students

How to develop Creative thinking skills in students

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Creative Thinking Skills

Creative Thinking Skills

Here's the 5 ways to develop the creativity in students:

1. Create your own Ifs

Numerous great creators/innovators take an existing object and pose the clever questions to twist its actual idea and make it new. Steve jobs didn't start of an idea of Smartphone. He just took the existed Smartphone and ask the question to himself that how can he modify it to make it better or the best.

Let's clear about this, there are nothing universally verified, it's just their approach to develop their own ideas through their interest, speciality and type of thinking or even what type of team working with you.


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I usually suggest you to ask simply Ifs to yourself?

What would happen if I change it?

How can I improve in this object if I have to use it for more 10 to 12 years?

What would I do if I have One Million Rupees to invest?

How much time it will take if I start now?

This questions can become Powerful tool to you that can help you to think in a different way. But it is important to practice this to get more useful effect of this. You have to exercise your mind to improve your creative thinking by asking Ifs.

To develop creativity in your mind, start thinking more and more. Initially you will not get much better results, but later on you will be pleased.


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2. Imagination

2. Imagination

The greatest thing is that the creative thinking is not the product of IQ.It is just based upon your imagination, Practicing your power of observation and dreaming.Your imagination can be big or small to change the world. It sounds so simple,but it become very confusing to you when you can't imagine the things.

All too often in our daily life,we are just spending our day in front of television.It just kill your creative mind and ability of thinking.So,at the end of the day, we just come up with an idea that we will not watch the television from tomorrow for longer time.Sound so familiar.Right?


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<p><strong>3. Set up learning ...

3. Set up learning activities in your classroom or home that allow you to explore creativity in relevant, interesting, and worthwhile ways

Suppose your teacher has given some rock sample and he told you to determine the differences between these samples which you have understand by the definition. Every students have different opinions regarding this such as someone has created difference by colour, some by appearance and others by hardness.


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<p>The one who learn everyday,...

The one who learn everyday, for them it becomes very easy to learn from their activities. When your teacher have told you to look after the matter, everyone has their different ideas and concepts to see the matter. When you think and imagine more and more, your creativity enhances to give the best results which you deserve.

*Activities to develop Creative Thinking:

  • Lateral-thinking
  • Visual reading (Concept-mapping)
  • Think out of your mentality
  • Artistic creativity
  • Problem-solving Abilities
  • Analytical thinking


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4. Embrace mistakes of others

4. Embrace mistakes of others

"Creativity takes courage" is a notable statement from the artist. Emphasizing the value in mistakes will allow you to create a safe space for making the steps to success.

The following are a couple of ways of advancing this idea with your group.

  • Give your friends the positive feedback when they commit an error and permit them to tackle an issue to find an answer.
  • Read books,It will assist with supporting transforming mistakes into arts in spite of an initial failure.
  • Take a paper with a dot,rip, orpaint splatter and transform it into something lovely.This assists how mistake can be transferred.


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