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These ideas are written thanks to Kurzgesagt. It is a YouTube that has millions of videos that help you to understand science much better.


The Great Filter | Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

The Great Filter | Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


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Some of us might be thinking that if this universe is so big and is expanding every second then where are the other people? The astronauts say that there is 1 earth size planet that is in the habitable zone of its sun. Then where is the rest of the life? Maybe they are just type 1 civilization us...

There are 4 types

Type 1 that takes only the resources of its planet.

Type 2 that takes the resources of its sun!

Type 3 that takes resoures of its galaxy

Type 4 that takes resources of many galaxies.

We might think which are we. We are going to be type 1 in the near...

Scientists say there is a great filter in front of us. It lies different challenges in front of us.

It is complex and maybe not even exist. 

This Filter raises two other questions.

Are there any other civilizations out there that have passed the filter?

Or is the filter ju...

We don't even know if we are before or after the filter and this is why scientists (well, some of them) don't want to discover Alien Civilizations. This is explained in more detail in the video of Kurzgesagt.

Well, anyway, if the alien civilizations are more advanced and technologically bet...

We know that the planets were made by pieces of rock crashing together. And the scientists have made a hypothesis that the habitable planets could have formed millions of years ago and quite possibly life might have already generated and ended before humanity was created.

We can also think ...

This universe is spanning every second (and is so ginormous). It is very unlikely for us to think we are alone. But if we are then we must become a type 4 civilization to keep humanity alive until the universe breathes its last breath and goes into eternal darkness.

So this is me, knowledge...

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