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by Chip Heath

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Your Idea Should Be Simple

Your Idea Should Be Simple

If you want your idea to stick, to make an impact, to foster change, you should make it simple and digestible.


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Dont Burry The Lead

Dont Burry The Lead

The lead is the journalist term of the core of your idea, if you want you idea to last, put the lead first, and there get into more detail.

Be careful of putting Your core idea last and ask yourself, after the first slide/ First minute of the pitch, will the person listening to you understand the main thing you try to say?


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Proverbs Are Super-Sticky

Proverbs Are Super-Sticky

Proverbs like “its better to have 1 bird in your hand than two on the tree” stick. They do so because they demonstrate a simple principle with simple image We can recognize.


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Use Analogies!

Use Analogies!

“Emojis for texting is like facial expression for conversation.”

By using analogies, we connect our idea to other people’s knowledge, which makes the idea extremely clear. Instead of building our statement from nothing, we start with a vision and build upon it.


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I'm a Product Designer, Entrepreneur, and primarily curious. I read and write about Psychology, Design, Productivity, and other fascinating ideas.


3 ways to make your ideas better, by simplifying them.

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