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A reality check on the Great Resignation and our work culture.


Why Burnout Is A Broken Promise

Why Burnout Is A Broken Promise



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Work Or Die

Work is always the dominating theme, our constant motivation. It's the central thing we do as adults, the primary focus of our mental function for most hours of the day, most days of the week. The types of jobs we have influence who we know, where we live, how much society respects us.

The so-called Great Resignation has been making headline after headline for months now, as people have been quitting their jobs in droves. There were predictions that when federal pandemic benefits expired just after Labor Day, industries facing a labour shortage would find an influx of job seeke...

It is telling how fed up people are with the conditions of work — that people are now rejecting this worldview, and doing so to such a degree that it’s become a movement. If the movement has a motto, it would be the word that’s been on everyone’s lips over the past 18 months: burnout.

Maybe a telltale sign of burnout is when you start thinking in such extreme terms, ruminating on life and death as it pertains to your work satisfaction.

If you’re wondering what would happen if you died tomorrow, and weighing how deeply your workplace would feel the l...

There’s a lot of debate about what exactly burnout is: A medical condition? A philosophical matter? Is it just the cost of doing business? Of being alive? According to the World Health Organization, it's an "occupational phenomenon." But that seems to be an anodyne way of say...

The reason medical students seem to suffer higher rates of burnout compared to other college students isn't because the work is intrinsically more difficult, but rather because the way they were being taught was often soul-crushing.

It was an educational environment that did little to nurt...

Thinking of burnout as a form of betrayal is illuminating, because it frames burnout not as a solitary experience — an agony you battle alone, something that's your sole responsibility to heal from — but a relationship in conflict.

For those medical students, the confl...

In the depths of disillusionment and burnout, there can also sometimes be a strange sense of freedom in recognizing that work might never provide the purpose and emotional sustenance you once believed it would.

And that's okay. You'll survive. Collectively, we will simply ...

In order to survive without a passion for labour, work itself has to be less necessary for survival. A world where work doesn't take centre stage, where you don't mention your job within minutes of meeting someone new, seems impossible.

The concept of a post-work world...

However much it feels like "everyone" is quitting their jobs, we should be wary of thinking that all, or even most people have the ability to do so. It's also unclear yet that we're seeing a major shift in power between workers and employers.

The Great Resignation has likely been bolstered...

The Great Resignation could be an inspiration toward implementing a long-term bulwark against burnout. Instead of encouraging vacations, discrete periods of rest, it’s time to enact labour protections that guarantee higher wages, that end at-will employment, that boost unemployment benefi...

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