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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

@Bhumika Sahoo's Key Ideas from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
by Kathryn Harper

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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Story.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Snow White. She was kind and gentle and a friend to all animals.

One day, Snow White met a charming prince. As they sang a song of love together, Snow White's evil stepmother, the Queen, watched them.

The Queen was so jealous of Snow White's beauty that she ordered her Huntsman to kill the young princess.

But the Huntsman couldn't bring himself to hurt Snow White. He told her to run far away so the Queen would never find her.

Snow White ran deep into the woods. She was lost and scared but soon found herself in front of a cottage.


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<p>The princess knocked, but n...

The princess knocked, but no one was home. She slowly stepped inside.

The cottage was a mess! With the help of her forest friends, Snow White cleaned every nook and cranny.

"Maybe whoever lives here will let me stay," said Snow White.

Upstairs, Snow White found seven little beds. She thought they belonged to children.

Tired from cleaning, Snow White yawned as she curled up on the beds and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the Seven Dwarfs were heading home from a long day of working in a jewel mine. They were anxious to get home to their cottage in the woods.


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<p>The Seven Dwarfs were surpr...

The Seven Dwarfs were surprised when they found a princess inside their home!

When Snow White awoke, she was charmed by the Seven Dwarfs: Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, and Sleepy.

The Dwarfs wanted to protect the beautiful princess from the evil queen, so they invited Snow White to live with them.

To celebrate, the new friends sang and danced the night away.

Back at the castle, the Queen learned that Snow White was still alive.

Enraged, she made a magic potion to change her appearance. Her plan was to trick the princess.


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<p>After the Dwarfs had set of...

After the Dwarfs had set off for work the next day, the Queen, disguised as an old peddler woman, offered Snow White a beautiful red apple.

Snow White took one bite of the apple and fell into a deep sleep. The Queen had poisoned her!

When the Dwarfs came home, they chased the Queen to the top of a stormy mountain. Suddenly, lightning hit the mountain, and the Queen fell, never to be seen again.

But Snow White was still in a deep sleep. The Seven Dwarfs kept watch over her day and night.


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<p>Finally, Snow White's Princ...

Finally, Snow White's Prince Charming arrived. He had been searching everywhere for the beautiful princess he had sung with so long ago.

The Prince awakened Snow White with Water And then Snow White and the Prince returned to the kingdom and lived happily ever after.


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