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How to perform well under pressure | Psyche Guides

How to perform well under pressure | Psyche Guides


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Coping with pressure

From time to time, everyone must cope with the pressure of their own expectations or that of others. They may feel they don't have the skills needed or the weight to succeed.

However, they are often expected to become mentally stronger or tougher to lessen the frustration f...

Those who practice mental toughness often ignore their worries and could self-sabotage.

You may see evidence of this in putting off practising, procrastination, valid excuses, and poor performance.

Unhelpful coping mechanisms include:

  • Self-...

This approach to coping with pressure is drawing on the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). It blends insight from Buddhism and other perspectives with psychotherapy.

Mental flexibility can be described as 'the ability to contact the present moment mo...

People do better when they acknowledge and face their fears, worries and stress instead of fighting them. For example, the more you try to block out challenging thoughts, the more evident they become.

When accepting these fears, they lose their impact. The ...

To perform well under pressure, distance yourself from destructive thoughts and self-talk. Remind yourself that your thoughts are often emotionally driven thoughts, not facts. 'I'm useless at presenting, this will be embarrassing.'

To help you distance yourself from your th...

When you're under pressure, your feelings might overwhelm you, such as  saying, 'I'm terrified.' This can trigger the fight-or-flight response and prevent you from finding solutions.

To overcome this, practice increasing your emotional vocabulary to help describe your feeli...

'Should', 'must', 'have' is loaded with expectations and pressure and can instantly trigger a threat reaction. 'I should be able to win.' or 'I should be able to finish this project tonight.'  Instead, reword it as opportunity or awareness

Rigid thinking and routines can contribute to feelings of pressure. Increase your mental flexibility by deliberately challenging your usual way of doing things.

Every day for the next week, do something you don't usually do, such as washing up immediately after dinner or ta...

Know why performance matters. This is all about your values. Clear values will help you spot when they could be violated and measure how to respond when you feel under pressure. For example, your goal may be to become the highest goa...

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