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How to land a job when you have no experience in the field

How to land a job when you have no experience in the field


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You need the job to get some experience, but you need some experience to get the job. It’s the classic catch-22 that many job seekers face when starting out in their careers.

However, when you’re a seasoned professional with years of work under your belt, this is probably somethin...

The best way to do this is to break your long-term goals into smaller steps, and use step one as the target for your next career move, considering how you can be ambitious without being naive.

Think about what the next step should be toward your ultimate career goal, and ...

When you’re changing careers, and you don’t have any relevant experience in your new field, you have to accept that you’ll need to take a step back for a while. This could mean taking a more junior role than your current position and perhaps accepting a pay cut.

However, don’t let this ste...

Another way to bolster your résumé when you don’t have any experience in your chosen field is to upskill yourself in relevant areas. Nowadays, there are several ways you can do this so you can find the learning style that best fits your lifestyle.

You could go to college t...

Volunteering can help you gain some valuable experience for your résumé, whilst also a nice way to give back. Although it may be unpaid, you’ll profit from the skills and experience further down the line.

Plus, it can be much easier to secure than a full- or part-time role, and again, it ca...

The key to “adjusting” your résumé is to focus on your qualities that are relevant to the new profession, and cut back on the parts that are geared toward your old profession (no matter how impressive they may be).

It’s a good idea to carefully read through posted job desc...

Try to be patient, and remember that when you’re starting a race well behind the competition, you simply need to put in a lot of effort to catch up and then get ahead. So, be proactive, build relationships with recruiters, and try to get as many early job applications as possible.

Though it...

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