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All of the theories, frameworks, and tactics you learn in business school have their limitations. This is a book about how strategic decisions are made in the real world

What I Didn't Learn in Business School

What I Didn't Learn in Business School

by Jay Barney, Trish Gorman Clifford


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  • There are always underlining assumptions and biases behind every decision or recommendation.
  • Get to know the political landscape, the key stakeholders, shakers and movers.
  • Don’t rely too heavily on analytical tools or frameworks when assessing complex problems.
  • You wi...

How Strategy Works: Important Points

  • Different assumptions lead to different outcomes. The real question is, where do those differences come from in the first place?
  • Know who the critical stakeholders are. Know who can implement the recommendations, and even more important, who can stop them from being implemented.

The five forces framework does a great job of helping to identify the competitive threats in an industry. But using this tool to estimate the overall attractiveness of an industry is usually not that helpful.

The five forces are kind of like the wind, the direction that com...

The Five Forces model is widely used to analyze the industry structure of a company as well as its corporate strategy. Porter identified five undeniable forces that play a part in shaping every market and industry in the world, with some caveats. The five forces are frequently used to mea...

  • Keep in mind whenever you see someone apply one of these analytical tools, whether it’s the five forces framework or net present value analysis or whatever, they are just tools. It’s the skills, interests, and motives of the person using the tool that determine whether the outcome of the ana...

Three things to think about when considering cooperating with other businesses within a firm to gain synergies:

  • Will it be good for business? Will it increase revenue or cut costs?
  • Could we achieve cost or quality advantages on our own without cooperation?
  • Could we real...

  • Value: Is the strategy valuable? Does it increase a firm’s revenues or reduce its cost compared to not pursuing the strategy?
  • Rarity: Does a firm possess unusual skills or other assets that the strategy would utilize?
  • Imitate

  • Have a list of questions prepared before you enter your interview.
  • Make it clear that you need to work through your protocol (list of questions) and then just keep going back to it. I usually send mine ahead of the interviewee, along with a summary report of what we know and what we ...

Core competencies are activities in the value chain that create economic value, that are rare among a firm’s competitors, and that competitors find difficult to imitate.

Technologies by themselves are not core competencies. But actions firms take to exploit these technologies can be core co...

There are a number of reasons why it may be difficult for one firm to imitate the strategy of another, such as…

  • Team-based skills
  • Legal restrictions on imitation
  • Reputation or brand
  • Switching costs
  • Search costs
  • Application experience

  • Ability to evaluate business alternatives independently and subjectively
  • Working with a team of extremely smart people who can get access to a great deal of good information
  • The time to focus on the future of the company rather than being caught up in the day to day responsib...

  • Be aware of the politics of the situation and work them into your strategy.
  • Preview leaders ahead of time. No surprises.
  • Try to anticipate questions members of the top management team might have about your process or your recommendations.
  • Keep key players and clients ...

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There’s a thin line between speaking and overspeaking. Sometimes it is best to be the listener. Recognising the importance of silence and how to use it as a tactical tool in business is an art a lot of successful salesman have mastered. So here are some of the practical tips I have taken into my business that have also worked for me.



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