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It's quite often when we lack purpose & just go through life instead of growing . This stash contains questions you should consider while finding your PURPOSE.


Five Questions to Ask When You Need Help Finding Your Purpose

Five Questions to Ask When You Need Help Finding Your Purpose


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1. What do you do well?

  • This question helps you uncover that unique talent that sets you apart from others. Perhaps you’re good at public speaking or motivating others.
  • Or maybe you’re good at finding computer bugs or supporting your friends through tough times.
  • Whether you have a hard or soft ski...

2.What do your friends say you do well?

  • Unfortunately, it can be hard to recognize your own talent. When something comes naturally, it doesn’t always seem special.
  • To get some help, ask your family or friends what they think you’re good at doing.
  • This question gets to the heart of recognition “

 3.If you could do or be anything, what would you do or be?

  • This question taps into your internal desires, and can help you identify your purpose.
  • A good way to answer this question is to consider those things you like to do in your free time or the projects at work you volun...

4. What gives you results when you do something?

  • Your purpose will give you a return, and this question helps you identify the things you do that generate results. For example, if your talent is sales, you likely hit your goals every month.
  • Or if you are good at innovative thinking, you might share ideas at work that prompt new pr...

5. How can you get better?

  • Once you identify your uniqueness, you need to fine-tune and work harder at it to set yourself apart.
  • While having talent helps make you special, developing it further can make you strong.

“Your growth potential is connected to your strengths,” says Maxwell. “In your we...

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