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Your Career Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Your Career Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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A Job Seeker's Guide

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A career mindset

A career mindset

Young workers in a competitive culture often expect their careers to reach their height in a short time. Younger generations bounce from job to job, maybe viewing their jobs as mere stepping stones toward better salaries and job titles.

But this perpetual rat race can lead to burnout and disillusionment. It's better to regard careers with a long view.


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If you like your job, stay for a while

If you're in a rush to move up, you could risk losing out on opportunities within your reach. Focusing on your current job will allow your skills to develop, while chasing new jobs may weaken your skills instead of growing them.

Most Millenials stay at their jobs for an average of four years. That is enough to master a trade before you feel the need to move on. If you feel you're being nurtured and treated fairly, it's better to wait for the right opportunity. 


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Tune out the hype

There is a noticeable current of careerism in the corporate world. There are many would-be influencers who use platforms like LinkedIn to promote their professional image. This can be destructive for anyone desiring professional advancement. Considering this sentiment can make you a status-chaser and make your career feel inadequate. 

Instead, focusing on yourself and developing your own skills will make life more enjoyable.


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Visualize your career path over the long haul

Try to view your career track like a graph that shows short-term vs long-term investment gains. 

It will look volatile in the short term, but the long term will reveal an upward trend.


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