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Don’t tell me you miss me: 3 better approaches to user retention

Don’t tell me you miss me: 3 better approaches to user retention


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A company you bought something from months ago sends you an email with three immortal words: “we miss you”.

These messages feel icky because the sentiment is belated and insincere. Deep down we know that the business doesn’t really miss us. The business doesn’t know our sparkling personalit...

A retention campaign that paints a commercial relationship as a personal one will always be awkward at best and at worst will create ill will. Here are three better ways to create retention campaigns that feel genuine and actually work:

  • Focus on how your product helps
  • Identify...

The mistake at the heart of the “we miss you” message is that it represents the customer’s relationship to the business as personal, not commercial. Personal relationships are based on who we are, and we want them to persist through thick and thin. But commercial relationships are different.

Many experiences can cause churn: inability to find the right product, struggles to get set up, a poor service experience, or changing business needs. A retention campaign that specifically 

Customers generally stop using (or cease to repurchase) products when they don’t get enough value out of your product to justify the price, not out of forgetfulness or disloyalty. To identify customers who might not be getting enough value (and so are candidates to churn), look for the ones who a...

Understanding why each customer is buying your product and then measuring whether they’re taking the actions that would enable them to achieve that result enable you to deliver specific and personalized interventions. If your company has an account management team, this scorecard can form the bas...

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In this guide, we’re going to go over six strategies to reduce churn, with real-life examples from SaaS companies that have successfully done it.



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